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Every business that runs a WordPress site needs the best SEO plugin for WordPress. SEO plugins equip the source software with helpful tasks and functions. And allow you to present your WordPress website broadly. But is it easy to identify the solid ones for new users? No, it is a bit difficult. The reason is, beginners find many WordPress SEO plugins guides very technical.  So, all you have to know first is how to select suitable SEO plugins for your website.

What do SEO plugins exactly do and how?

To improve the strategy, contents as well as a WordPress website SEO plugins play a vital role. It performs all the needed search engine optimization (SEO) tasks. And helps to rank top in search engines. So, good SEO practices will lead to search engines easily finding the site and index. Besides, an SEO plugin provides risk alerts and site health information. You can then analyze them to improve your site. Your website will get more traffic this way.

In 2022, we can see the demand for good SEO plugins for this competitive business world. Here we have listed some right plugins and their feature details. This article will also provide suggestions on how the plugins support your business.

Best SEO Plugin For WordPress to Consider in 2022

We often search for supportive SEO plugins as ‘best SEO plugin for WordPress 2022’. But which ones really deserve the title ‘Best’ today? Well, based on the SEO respective categories we have pinpointed 5 top plugins below.

best seo plugins

Whether you are a new or old user it will increase your knowledge about advanced features of a quality SEO plugin. Let’s see what are those-

Rank Math

Rank Math is a well-equipped and dynamic plugin. It helps you to stop the time-consuming manual optimization. It is made by the MyThemeShop team. Rank Math has sharp automation features that work as a complete SEO team. So, you can do best SEO practices for your website with this plugin. And, it fasts the process to bring consistent visitors to the site.

rank math seo plugin

Functions of Rank Math

  • It follows 30 familiar factors and performs a detailed SEO survey to detect issues.
  • Rank Math allows the user to enable and configure 15+ built-in modules.
  • Does all keyword-related work to maintain steady SEO success.
  • You can migrate from other SEO plugins in one click.
  • It can match with WordPress Gutenberg & Classic Editors.
  • Rank Math has 20+ Schema types and can achieve advanced Snippets.

Why Rank Math?

  • Simple Setup Wizard- The plugin practically configures itself. To set up SEO on a site Rank Math performs a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard. It also verifies the whole process and suggests needed settings. 
  • Easy & Clean User Interface- The plugin saves time by providing the fast and right information. Yet it is clean and simple.
  • Performance-Focused Design- Rank Math ensures performance through its every feature. Even when they bring new tools, they always keep their quality functioning in mind.
  • Industry-Leading Support- Top-quality customer support is Rank Math’s appreciable service. It provides the fastest turn-around times for support queries. It is efficient to resolve issues fast.


You can’t move to other plugins easily from Rank Math. Other WordPress SEO plugins don’t support it and give.

Yoast SEO

In this highly challenging business field, Yoast SEO is all you need to go ahead. It has already gained popularity for its functionality. To stay ahead in search engine ranking it does complete SEO. Yoast is well-featured and helps to stay ahead with any targeted audience.

yoast seo plugin

Functions of Yoast SEO

  • Yoast does simple optimization for pages and posts.
  • It detects SEO issues of a WordPress site.
  • It is best for creating sitemaps.
  • Yoast has a solid internal linking structure.
  • Using the Yoast webmaster tool you can confirm your Google Search Console account.
  • Yoast social features set social cards for social media.

Why Yoast SEO?

Avoid 404 errors- Yoast prevents visitors from ending up on dead links. If you move or delete any content it redirects the manager automatically creates and manages redirects.

Adding structured data- The tool Automatically adds structured data. It provides options to equip your site with the rightly arranged data. This way search engines easily identify a website.

Ensures excellent visual posts- Yoast’s preview facility allows you to check your posts before publishing. So, for the search results and social media posts you have the opportunity to optimize them accordingly.

Integration with other dynamic platforms-  With Yoast you can use other useful platforms to enrich your site like Semrush, Elementor, Zapier, and Wincher.


As we know no tool is perfect on all sides, Yoast is also not exceptional. It has a problem detecting the goal of content with less variation in keywords. Sometimes it wastes time searching, correcting grammar, and other little things. 


SEOPress is a one-stop solution for WordPress sites. It is popular among beginners. This completely white-leveled tool has multiple SEO functions for rich optimization. SEOPress monitors keywords, backlinks, search engines position, and other SEO tasks. Thus it helps to attract an audience and bring the website to the first row.

SEO press plugin

Functions of SEOPress

  • Using the Google Analytics stats to track daily traffic is easy
  • SEOPress is very good at doing local SEO. 
  • It gives chance to increase sales through WooCommerce SEO
  • The tool has both automatic and manual schemas
  • It generates XML sitemaps for Google news and videos

Why SEOPress?

  • Import & Export- You can import/export everything you want with SEOPress.
  • Use it broadly-  You can use it for unlimited websites and unlimited target keywords for one article.
  • Advantage of free version- It provides more features even in the free version than other tools.
  • Affordable- SEOPress is cheaper than its competitors.
  • Google’s knowledge graph- This graph has no big contribution to SEO but it helps in raising brand awareness dramatically.


To learn the SEOPress plugin fully you will have to invest much time. Again, it is confusing sometimes. The other thing is that SEOPress is not as popular as its competitors.

Squirrly SEO

Like any other good SEO tool, Squirrly amazes users with its services. It is also an awarded tool that has different useful features under one roof. Its audits, keyword research, and SEO suggestions all ensure great potential. So you can enjoy increased visitors and a ranking boost on the search engines.

Squirrly SEO plugin

Functions of Squirrly SEO

  • Squirrly performs competitive analysis
  • Content management is easy with the tool
  • It performs outstanding marketing analytics
  • It also has SERP Checker Tools
  • Squirrly allows to do SEO audits and identify duplicate meta descriptions

Why Squirrly SEO?

  • Pre-configured features- Over 650 features are pre-configured during installation. People find this easy to proceed.
  • Store keywords- Have the option to save keywords in the “briefcase”. It allows you for later use if needed.
  • Migration from other plugins- Safe migration is possible to Squirrly SEO from most of the known tools.
  • Marketing materials- Squirrly offers excellent after-sales marketing materials. It is very impressive.
  • SaaS besides Plugin– Understandable SEO guidelines for both AI SEO plugin and SaaS.


UI needs some work as well as fixing bugs. Sometimes users face server timeouts while doing keyword research. And people also complain about the pricing of Squirrly.

All in One SEO

All in one SEO is also a popular plugin for beginners. It easily sets up all necessary SEO foundations. To optimize a WordPress site and contents All in one SEO serves good. And any user with an uncommon profile can optimize the site smartly. It maintains modern standards to ensure things run smoothly and fast.

All in One SEO plugin

Functions of All in One SEO

  • All in One SEO optimizes the search engine titles and generates meta tags in an automated way.
  • It supports accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that attract visitors from mobile search results.
  • There is an opportunity to set advanced canonical URLs to make better use of SEO
  • It performs a good site audit checklist.
  • Redirects are very useful for good SEO and AlOSEO does it efficiently.

Why All in One SEO?

Simple setup- It takes only 10 minutes to set up the plugin. The procedure is plain and you can proceed with the exact SEO foundations.

TruSEO Score- This feature makes the plugin more unique. It allows you to perform extensive optimization analysis. Thus the website can attract more visitors with each page.

Seamless Integrations- It does social media platforms and other plugin integration, link with search engines, etc. These processes are not complex at all.

Complete support- You can get assistance for Knowledge Graph and markup for local businesses. And, ALl in One SEO does good optimization for WooCommerce also.

Top-rated status- The plugin got really high ratings both for its services and customer support. People often recommend this tool.


Users miss the SEO scoring feature in this plugin. Navigation and importing data from search engine consoles are complex. Again you will not get enough support while using the free version.

A Bonus WordPress Plugin ‘GetGenie AI’

GetGenie is a new AI-powered WordPress tool. It has got some really wonderful features including SEO. It also supports writing your content well and has multiple helpful templates. If you want to try a new but advanced tool then GetGenie is highly recommended to you. 

GetGenie SEO plugin

Last Words

Now you know the idea of the best SEO plugin for WordPress. The good news is all of these SEO plugins have free versions. You can consider each one the best free SEO plugin for WordPress to trial. Also reading and using their features you can differentiate among modern SEO plugins.

To conclude the article we can say that using SEO plugins is the most successful way to engage organic traffic. We have listed the mentioned best SEO plugin for WordPress 2022 observing most designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs’ choices. These tools ensure the required improvement and protection of a WordPress site amazingly. And, of course, don’t forget that bonus one, GetGenie is the newest but among the best SEO plugins today.

If you are struggling to select an SEO plugin for your WordPress site then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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