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Finding the best multi vendor plugins for WordPress could be quite challenging as there are so many options. If you visit the landing pages of available options, you will find each one is claimed as the best one.

Now the question is, how can you detect the best multi vendor WooCommerce plugin? Well, it requires enough research to find relevant data to sort the plugins. But hey! You don’t have to be worried.

Here we have already chosen the top 5 multi vendor plugins for WordPress. We have covered the features in detail so that you can have a better understanding. Also, we have compared the plugins for quick consideration.

What are Multi Vendor Plugins?

A multi vendor plugin is a kind of WordPress plugin that is developed to design a marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their products. The selling process happens through a single online store. This type of plugin can be used to create an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and similar websites where multiple vendors can sell their products side-by-side.

Multi vendor plugins typically include features such as vendor registration, product management, order management, and payments. Some plugins also include features such as shipping and tax calculations, customer reviews, and ratings.

With a multi vendor plugin, you can create marketplaces for any kind of product including physical goods, digital products, and services.

5 Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugins in 2022

Before making the following list, we have considered the features, pricing, ease of use, and average rating from the users. So, you will get in-depth data regarding the plugins.

Dokan Multivendor

Dokan is currently the most popular multi-vendor plugin for WordPress that allows the creation of multi-vendor marketplaces with drag and drop features. It became popular in the market due to endless customization options. You can call this plugin all-in-one.

best multi vendor plugins

Dokan creates an easy-to-navigate frontend dashboard for both the vendors and the customers. Vendors can easily create a custom storefront like Shopify. And the admin can easily get the commission for each sale. Also, the admin will have strong control over the commission model for different regions.

You can accept the payment requests directly from the vendor dashboard. Moreover, controlling the sale option becomes easy with Dokan.

In summary, you will have full control over the vendor management — registration, commission model, payment system, everything.

Key Features

  • Provides individual stores for each vendor to make the selling process easy for them
  • Individual dashboards for better control over the selling, delivering, and inventory management
  • Vendors can choose the shipping method at their convenience
  • Easy to maintain commission rate and the admin can set individual commission rates for different regions
  • Compatible with all WooCommerce supported themes
  • Has the built-in refund option so that the vendors can conveniently give refunds if needed


  • Suitable for any kind of marketplace
  • Strong control over the vendor management
  • Additional modules for advanced features
  • Tons of modules with unique features


  • Could show errors for certain features


WC Marketplace is another multi vendor plugin for WordPress that comes with tons of advanced features. If you want to create a multi vendor website from scratch without taking the stress of coding, WC Marketplace could be a good way to go. The best part is that this plugin has a free option that you can give a try before buying a pro subscription.

WC marketplace multi vendor plugin

With WC marketplace, you just need to create the marketplace and vendors can then control everything else. Each vendor will get an individual storefront with a dashboard from where they can control the shipping, inventory, profits, and more.

Vendors find it easy to manage their stores with the WC marketplace. They can choose the shipping method with WC’s default shipping method.

As the admin, you can set the individual commission rate globally and you will have full control over it. If you wish, you can set an individual commission rate for each vendor. It is a complete solution for a multi vendor WooCommerce site.

Key Features

  • Custom free shipping offer for a particular amount of products
  • Frontend dashboard for the vendors to control the selling process
  • Offers individual vendor stores for each of the vendors
  • Comes with a complete shipping solution to make the selling process easier for users
  • Get vendor ratings to improve yourself and get better results


  • Allows for custom store URL
  • Store SEO to get organic traffic
  • Easy to manage the commission rate
  • Default coupon management system


  • Offers very limited options for the free version

WCFM Marketplace

Looking for the best multi vendor WordPress plugin to create a multi vendor marketplace for free? Then you can start with the WCFM Marketplace. This plugin allows to choose the pro version for advanced features.

WCFM multi vendor plugin

Whether it is physical goods or digital products, WCFM can create a marketplace for everything. Admin can give the exact look to your multi vendor website like eBay, Airbnb, Flipkart, etc. This plugin comes with a frontend manager to make selling convenient for the vendors.

Like Dokan, you can control the commission structure and model for the vendors with the WCFM marketplace. You can set individual rules for each vendor and give the commission accordingly.

Besides other general features, WCFM comes with tons of features for the store. Vendors can use the store hours, vacation, review, shipping, delivery, etc. Also, this WooCommerce multi vendor plugin has a unique shipment structure to track them.

Key Features

  • Withdrawal feature to maintain the payment process for the vendors so that they can collect the payment
  • Lots of demos available to instantly create a multi vendor marketplace website 
  • Frontend dashboard for the vendors to control their inventory
  • Pro add-ons are available to integrate more advanced features
  • Booking website demo to take booking for hotels, restaurants, resorts, and more


  • Ticketing system to solve issues
  • Blog option for the vendors to do content marketing
  • Can create a single product multi vendor website
  • Live chat module 
  • Supports mobile app


  • Advanced features need premium add-ons

YITH Multivendor

Are you ready to sell with an eCommerce website? What about making a marketplace where other people can sell as well? Yes, you can turn a simple eCommerce website into a multi vendor website. Indeed, creating a multi vendor marketplace is quite complex, but YITH Multivendor can make it easier.

YITH multi vendor plugin for WordPress

Once you install the plugin and create the marketplace, you are all done. You can then just invite vendors to sell through your platform and earn commissions from each sale. The marketplace will create a frontend dashboard for the vendors.

The vendors can sell through their stores and you can control how you want to get the commissions. They can create coupons for the customers and make custom packages. It helps the vendors to get more sales and you will get more commissions as well.

Key Features

  • It supports integrating all the popular payment gateways like PayPal and stripe
  • Comes with easy vendor registration to make it convenient for the sellers
  • The plugin supports the integration of all other YITH plugins for WooCommerce
  • Filterable product list for the vendors for better inventory management
  • The customizable vendor commission rate for each vendor
  • Refund management system available for the vendors


  • Bulk commission disbursement
  • Shortcode to show products based on vendor ID
  • Each vendor can create unique coupons
  • Generates sales and commission reports
  • Google map location for each vendor shop


  • Needs addons for advanced options

Mercado Pro

If you are looking for the simplest way to turn your WooCommerce site into a multi vendor website, Mercado Pro is a good solution. Compared to other multi vendor plugins, Mercado is a bit easier to use. The fact is, you won’t get advanced features like Dokan or WC marketplace.

Mercado Pro WooCommerce multi vendor plugin

Once you create the multi vendor website, you will get a powerful admin panel to get full control over the site functionalities. As an admin, you will be able to see every single order, product inventory, and even products from the trash. The admin panel allows you to manually send the payments to the vendors.

If you have global sellers on your website, you can control the commission structure for distinct regions.

Vendors, who are selling from your marketplace will also enjoy advanced features. They can track the product orders, shipments, and earnings directly from the frontend dashboard. This multi store WooCommerce plugin can reduce the effort of marketplace management.

Key Features

  • Allows to set flexible commissions to escalate earning
  • Within one marketplace, unlimited vendors can sell their products
  • You can create a marketplace for any kind of product regardless of the type
  • All WooCommerce supported payment gateways can be integrated with the marketplace
  • Convenient shipping and tax management system for the vendors
  • For every order, the admin can generate an invoice and receipt


  • Easy to give announcements for vendors
  • Double encryption technology for security
  • Enough customization options for vendors and admin
  • Accepts multiple payment gateways
  • Wide range of login options including social media


  • Doesn’t have many advanced features

Which is the Best Multi Vendor Plugin – Editor’s Pick

After going through the list, now you might be wondering which plugin to pick for your WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace. Well, it depends on certain factors. If you are looking for advanced features and high-end customization options, Dokan is the perfect one for you.

On the other hand, if you have less budget for the best multi vendor plugin for WordPress, you can try the Mercado Pro.

Remember that, whichever multi vendor plugin you are using, you need to have the proper knowledge of WooCommerce management. Also, for the payment integration, third-party support will be needed.

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