Running an online store with WooCommerce becomes easy with the right selection of plugins. If you use the best WooCommerce plugins from the beginning of the store, everything will be smooth in the next steps.

The WooCommerce industry is growing so fast that tons of plugins are coming into the market. Even for a single purpose, you will have multiple plugins. As a result, it becomes really challenging to choose one.

In this post, I am going to introduce you to the top WooCommerce plugins. The list will contain both free and premium plugins that you can use for any kind of online store based on WooCommerce.

Top 10 WooCommerce plugins

After rigorous research, I finally have chosen the top 7 plugins for WooCommerce. Check out the details of each plugin and design a WooCommerce store without any hassle.

ShopEngine – (Both Free and Pro)

ShopEngine is the ultimate WooCommerce plugin to design a functional online store from scratch. It is the best WooCommerce plugin that has versatile features.

best WooCommerce plugins

Whether you want to design a small online store or a giant eCommerce store, ShopEngine will provide the complete solution. The plugin comes with all user-friendly features that anyone will find helpful. No matter if you have ever done coding or not, you will be able to use the plugin.

Unlike typical WooCommerce builders, it features all the essential functions for online stores. There won’t be a need for multiple plugins for custom checkout page, partial payment, pre-order, back-order, etc. The website loads faster than helps in SEO.

The best part is, for each section of a WooCommerce site, it comes with ready WooCommerce templates.Without designing a page from scratch, simply select the template and insert it on the page. Considering all these features, ShopEngine is the best WooCommerce builder for Elementor.

Key Features

  • Lightweight design for blazing fast loading speed
  • Advanced features like partial payment, variation swatches, Quick checkout builder, and more
  • Tons of ready templates to avoid coding
  • Easy to understand documentation
  • Friendly support for quick problem fixing


Once you have a functioning WooCommerce website, you need to track traffic, clicks on the website, sales, and so much other data. The best way to track the traffic stat and similar things is using Google analytics. But you can get the data in a structured way with MonsterInsights. It will help you to take the action properly.

monster insights woocommerce plugins

The plugin has a special feature called E-Commerce reports that helps a lot to identify the right kind of data. You can set the tracking for multiple campaigns without writing any code. Just click on the related functions and you will be able to integrate it.

The plugin shows real-time data that makes it easy to know where traffic is landing and what kind of action they are taking. The best part is the page level analytics, which means you can track the information for particular pages.

Let’s say you want to track the traffic stat for a particular product page, simply select the page and get the detailed data in one place.

Key Features

  • Custom tracking based on categories and pages
  • The plugin compliant with GDPR
  • Universal tracking without writing any codes
  • Auto track the clicks on affiliate links
  • Google analytics dashboard within the plugin

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

If you want to keep the record of the orders and send an invoice to your customers, WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips is a good option. Using the plugin, you can send a customized invoice slip with the WooCommerce default email.

woocommerce pdf invoice

The plugin comes with a ready template for the invoice slip, which you can also customize if you want. The benefit of the plugin is that it can automatically generate the invoice slips from the orders.

Invoices created by this plugin would be in the PDF format so that the customers can print it whenever they want. Similarly, you can keep the record of the orders by keeping print copies of the invoices.

It is simple to customize the invoice template with the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Add new design and texts if you want.

Key Features

  • Supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, and French
  • The plugin can generate bulk invoices
  • You can set auto print command for printed copies of invoices
  • Allows adding custom logo or images
  • The paper size is customizable including A4 size

Table Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping

Whenever a customer is ordering from your online store, he/she might want to know the exact shipping cost. The fact is, shipping cost varies for different kinds of products. Especially, for products’ weight, the shipping cost will change. Table rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce helps to generate the exact shipping amount based on the parameters.

table rate shipping method

Besides the regular shipping cost, you can add handling fee or insurance cost when the order amount reaches a certain point. Change the shipping cost for different shipping methods. Let’s consider some of your products are available for cash on delivery, you can set a different shipping fee for that payment method.

Instead of writing codes for the function, you can simply use this plugin to show the exact shipping fees. It is easy to integrate and the dashboard has a user-friendly navigation system.

Key Features

  • Variable shipping cost for different payment methods
  • Disable or hide the shipping method for certain conditions
  • Minimum and maximum cart total parameter
  • Show particular shipping methods only for the logged-in users
  • Shipping cost based on product weight, dimension, etc.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

Integrating the right kind of payment system for your WooCommerce store is crucial. It allows you to accept payments directly in your store. You should give the very best experience to your customers when they are ordering or buying something from the store. Adding Stripe Payment gateway would make it easy.

woocommerce stripe payment gateway

Stripe is one of the most popular payment gateways for online payments. Using this WordPress plugin, you can integrate the stripe payment for WooCommerce stores without any technical knowledge.

By integrating the stripe payment, you can accept Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Giropay, or even bitcoin. It means, with one plugin, you can accept all sorts of payment. The best feature about the plugin is that it charges the store owner only when you get a payment. There is no installation fee or monthly subscription fees.

Besides the regular payments, Stripe allows payment via Apple pay, web payment API, and more. It means customers can pay with the associated payment details of Apple ID. It makes the whole process smooth and error free.

Key Features

  • Hassle free payment and transactions
  • Suitable to accept payments from all popular payment methods
  • Flawless integration with WooCommerce without any technical knowledge
  • Stripe is available in most toptire countries
  • Apple ID and web API payment processing

Translate WordPress with GTranslate

If you have an international WooCommerce store that gets traffic from different countries, offering the website in their own language will make them happy. The result? More sales and better engagement. Translate WordPress with GTranslate does this by translating the web page based on countries.

translate wordpress with gtranslate woocommerce plugin

This plugin offers translation in 103 languages, which means 99 percent of the world population will get to see the website in their own languages. You can start for free. It uses the Google translate API to instantly change the language of the web page. If you want, you can also upgrade to the premium package to enjoy additional features.

In the pro version, this plugin combines human translation and machine translation to give the best experience to the users. It ensures SEO compatibility to grab more traffic from different locations and increase the sales.

Indeed, there are similar translation plugins for WordPress. But the GTranslate plugin uses the cloud based system. Unlike other translation plugins, it doesn’t affect the site’s loading speed. 

Key Features

  • Easy to translate posts and pages
  • Lazy loading for language flags
  • Floating language selection for better user experience
  • Instant WooCommerce shop translation
  • Hide or show better translation option

HubSpot – CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics

If you want to manage your contacts and track the email marketing success easily, HubSpot CRM is an ideal solution. Fron live chat to analytics, everything will be in one place. This makes it easy to track the marketing campaigns and take actions accordingly. You can grow your business as well as sales using this CRM software. 

CRM plugin for WordPress

The plugin has its template library from which you can create a form without coding. You can create a wide range of forms – payment forms, popup forms, signature forms, signup forms, and more.

The built-in analytics gives a clear idea about the sales and marketing success. Check out the analytics during marketing campaigns and optimize it for better results.

The good thing is, HubSpot CRM allows it to integrate with popular third-party tools such as Google ads, Google Analytics, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Hotjar, and more.

Key Features

  • Integrating with Contact Form 7, Elementor, and more
  • Connect with WooCommerce, stripem etc. third-party software
  • Easy to track emails and leads inside the plugin dashboard
  • Built-in analytics to track the contacts
  • Responsive forms and email newsletters inside WordPress


Regardless of the purpose of a website, a contact form section is essential for the website. MetForm is such a drag and drop WordPress form builder. Whether you want to integrate contact form or collect leads with an attractive form, MetForm will help you.

Metform form builder for woocommerce

MetForm is an Elementor addons plugin and it doesn’t require any coding. Everything you will do is by dragging and dropping the particular widget. Then modify the widget layout and it will be done. Whether you want to create a multi-step form or a regular form, you can create it with MetForm.

The best part is, you can integrate MetForm with most of the popular email marketing platforms such as AWeber, Convertkit, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and so on. You can also connect it with CRM software like HubSpot.

The plugin is lightweight and loads faster that helps to boost the site loading speed. Also, you can control the payment and other features directly from the plugin dashboard.

Key Features

  • 30+ predefined ready contact forms to integrate instantly
  • Supports all popular third-party API integrations
  • Supports shortcodes to customize the form layout
  • Advanced validation field and smart conditional logic
  • Easy to manage leads directly from the plugin dashboard

Advanced Coupons

There are different sales hacks for WooCommerce and offering coupons is one of them. If you want to offer coupons for your WooCommerce store without any hassle, the Advanced Coupons plugin will help you. Without any complex steps, you can generate coupons and run a sale campaign.

advanced coupons to generate coupon for woocommerce

You can try a wide range of coupons including BOGO (Buy one Get One deal, Loyalty program, auto apply, cart conditions, and many more). Simply install the plugin and you will see all the options in the plugin dashboard. Select the category and start offering coupons.

The plugin has both free and paid options. You can start for free and enjoy some amazing features. If you need the advanced features, just upgrade the plugin.

It generates the coupons considering the site loading speed. Unlike a typical copon generator, it is not going to impact the site’s performance.

Key Features

  • No need to write codes to offer coupons
  • Smart conditions to apply the coupons
  • Tons of amazon features for free
  • Dedicated for WooCommerce and helps for seamless integration

WPCafe – Food Menu, Pickup + Delivery and Restaurant Reservation for WooCommerce

Thinking of launching an online based restaurant with WooCommerce? Then WpCare is the best solution. It is a complete package for integrating food order, pickup, and delivery. As the plugin is dedicated for restaurants, you will be able to design the website flawlessly.

wp cafe woocommerce plugin

The best feature of the plugin is the restaurant booking system. So, your potential customers can book the order. Also, add the pickup and delivery option seamlessly for online orders.

The plugin features shortcode, elementor widgets, and gutenberg blocks. So, regardless of your selected site design platform, you can use WPCafe. Add responsive food menus with 10+ styles, add location-wise food menu, brunch-wise food menu, and more.

If you don’t want to use shortcodes or any kind of codes, use Elementor and integrate a Food menu list widget, food menu form widget, location based food menu widget, and more. There are 33+ food menu styles available to insert with one click.

Key Features

  • Set discounts for menu items
  • Add multi-style food menus in one page without coding
  • Customize the default layout of WooCommerce
  • Easy to integrate email notifications for order pickup and delivery
  • Export reservation data in CSV format

How to choose the best WooCommerce Plugins?

When you are trying to find the best WooCommerce plugins, you need to consider some essential facts. Here are the things that you must consider for a WooCommerce plugin –

Ease of Use: The first thing you should consider is if the plugin is user-friendly or not. Your goal is adding features to your WooCommerce store at less effort, right? An easy to use plugin will solve the problem.

Ready Templates: If you are choosing the plugin to design the store, it is always better to have ready templates. Templates allow you to integrate new features to the site conveniently.

User Reviews: When you are just checking a WooCommerce plugin if it is worth buying or not, must check the user reviews. You can check the reviews for individual plugins on or sometimes directly on the product page. It will help you a lot to understand how the plugin may perform.

Versatile Features: For WooCommerce plugins, most people miss a common point which is versatility of the plugin. A versatile plugin not only save you time, it also helps to avoid too many plugins in the same store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install WooCommerce plugins?

It is easy to install WooCommerce plugins. Download the WooCommerce plugin and save it for installation. Go to your WordPress dashboard and go to plugins and select add new. Add the plugin and install it. Or, you can search for the plugin from the WordPress dashboard and install it.

How to design a WooCommerce website?

Using ShopEngine, you can easily design a WooCommerce Website. The plugin contains all the features one needs for an online store.

What is the best plugin for WooCommerce?

ShopEngine is the best WooCommerce builder plugin for Elementor. This is the ultimate builder for WooCommerce stores.

How to add WooCommerce to wordpress?

Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to plugins. Select add new and search for WooCommerce in the search bar. Install the plugin and activate it. Now choose the settings for WooCommerce and input the essential credentials.

Can you design a WooCommerce website yourself?

Yes, you can. WooCommerce builders like ShopEngine allows users to design the entire online store without writing any code. Neither need any technical expertise to design the website.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what are the best WooCommerce plugins, start your store. Install the essential WooCommerce plugins for your store and design the most user-friendly eCommerce site. If you are looking for more plugins, check out the tips that we have shared to choose the best WooCommerce plugin.

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